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Individual property owners make up more than half of the clearing projects on our schedule every year. Whether you have recently purchased a property and need it cleared for a new build or you've been on your property for years and need to clear the overgrowth to improve your views, Bronco can help make the most of what your property has to offer! Even for homeowners just moving into new construction properties, they often find that their builder has only cleared their front yard through the house-pad area, and sometimes homeowners are even left with brush piles on the back of their property from the site prep process. Don't be discouraged by this, because we can usually help no matter the property size or situation. As long as we have access to get our machines into the clearing area, we can clear brush and unwanted trees, opening up your property as much as you desire.  


Many homeowners also choose to have ground crew work in addition to traditional mulching. This is where we differ from other mulching contractors who may be a one-machine, one-man operation. Mulching machines can only get so close to mature trees without damaging them, so remaining trees are left with bush and vines around the bases. We have a ground crew team with chainsaws, pole saws, mobile chipping units, weed-eaters, etc. to make sure that you get the finished look you desire by cleaning around tree bases, removing low hanging vines and deadfall limbs, and even raising the tree canopy to improve your overall view across your property. 

DALL·E 2023-10-18 18.48.06 - aerial photo of new warehouse in a forest.png

Commercial Clearing

Whether you have overgrown brush surrounding an existing structure, or want to clear a newly purchased property for your business, forestry mulching is an ideal solution to prepare the site or clean up the property.

Bronco has helped dozens of commercial land owners clean up overgrown areas that were initially intended to be buffer areas for privacy and security. However, when left unattended, sometimes these overgrown areas become attractive settling grounds for the unhoused population. Not only is this a safety issue for both them and the general public, but it is a liability concern for commercial property owners who want to prevent accidents or other issues on their land. 

We can offer the following clearing services for undeveloped or existing commercial properties:

  • Clearing paths and trails in wooded property for surveyors or geotechnical boring / soil sampling.

  • Clearing underbrush for overall property aesthetics and improving property views.

  • Clearing fence lines around the property perimeter.

  • Clearing unused property areas for preparation of site expansions.


Bronco offers forestry mulching, chipping and other right-of-way clearing services for municipalities along city, county or state roads and highways. Bronco just completed a full contract with the City of Grand Prairie, and are excited to announce that we were just awarded the contract for a second time. The project will last for five years, and Bronco was selected through a vigorous, thorough and competitive bidding procurement process. The scope of work includes mulching vegetation within the easements and alleys throughout the city, as well as large scale brush and tree clearing for the expansion of Great Southwest Parkway. Municipal projects also include following extensive safety protocols including advance notification of all residences, coordination with Texas811 for marking utilities, and traffic control around all areas of the worksite. 

If you are a landscape contractor with a municipal award for roadway maintenance and you need to subcontract brush clearing services for vegetation beyond what traditional mowers can cut down, please reach out to us to see if we can help. 

Aerial View of Forest

New Development

Forestry mulching is the best option for clearing land for new neighborhoods, apartment complexes, shopping centers, community parks, etc. This one-step clearing process eliminates the need to use dozers to push up brush and trees into piles, which can seem like a logical first step for clearing. However, developers then have to hire a second contractor to either burn the brush and tree piles, mulch or grind them up, or load up and haul away the downed vegetation before the site prep contractors can begin. Burning poses challenges due to permitting, environmental concerns, and weather conditions.


With forestry mulching, the trees and brush are essentially removed all at once, leaving small mulch on the ground and making the property immediately ready for the site-prep contractor to begin grading for construction. Clearing new properties for development all in one process is not only more efficient, but also more cost effective. It is easier and cheaper to mulch trees and brush in place, than to mulch piles pushed up by other contractors. Primarily because piles usually require the use of an excavator to spread out the material into more manageable areas in order to remove root balls, separate out larger trees, and remove any debris within the vegetation which may damage the equipment. Forestry mulching machines attacking piles without knowing what is in them can be dangerous, as trash, concrete, fencing and other materials sometimes inadvertently gets pushed up during dozer clearing. Additionally, mulching from large piles can pose challenges due to the buildup of material within the piles with mulch being distributed right back into the vegetation that is being cleared, essentially taking much longer than clearing free standing vegetation.

Farm & Ranch

Farmers and ranchers rely heavily on forestry mulching services in order to make their properties more suitable for livestock and other animals.

Horses and cows need shade, and when mature trees are surrounded by overgrown brush, animals do not have adequate areas for finding shade in the Texas heat. Additionally, forestry mulching can eliminate some of the types of vegetation and obstacles that make it unsafe or even uncomfortable for animals to walk over or walk through such as stumps and thorny brush. By mulching specific areas of the property in an effective way, farmers and ranchers can then use their traditional farming equipment to brush-hog and maintain the land.

Forestry mulching is also a good option for prepping farm and ranch land for other uses. Bronco has prepared land for multiple types of agricultural use beyond livestock such as community gardens, sod farms, wineries, etc. 


Ponds / Dams / Lakeshores / Riverbanks

Not all land clearing companies can handle clearing around water sources. Primarily due to the soft nature of the ground in proximity to the water, and also often times due to the steep grade around the water. In addition to the traditional forestry mulching machines that Bronco uses, we have excavators with flail mowers and mulching heads made specifically for use with an excavator. This allows us to secure and anchor the machine in an area safely away from the levy, damn or water's edge, while still reaching out and down far enough to reach and clear the brush along the water or down the side of the levy in most cases. Additionally, Bronco almost always brings a ground crew team along for projects involving water-line clearing in order to provide the best possible clearing outcome. Our ground crew is not opposed to using waders and shears when necessary to achieve the desired results.


Clearing brush from the perimeter of ponds, lakes and riverfront properties have been some of the most rewarding projects due to the immediate improvement of the property, both in terms of amazing views and increased property values. 

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