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Mulching Versus Bulldozing

Mulching is an organic process which provides less disruption to the upper layers of soil.

In some instances, alternative methods such as bulldozing are preferred when land owners are not concerned with roots being torn and ripped from the ground, such as when significant dirt work is necessary in order to prepare a site for building. However, all bulldozing methods require an additional process to rid the site of the trees and brush that were dozed down. Those processes, often associated with additional costs, include grinding or burning. Grinding requires additional heavy equipment to lift the logs into a horizontal grinder. Burning may not require significant additional cost, but it may involve city/county permits, and it is not the most environmentally friendly process due to the release of greenhouse gasses.

Many landowners consider mulching to be a much more eco-friendly option, as it deposits the organic material back down onto the soil without disrupting the deeper soil, as would be the case with bulldozing.

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